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Compliance Dates

FDA has set tiered compliance dates for “covered farms” (that are not exempt or not covered by the PS Rule) based on sales volume. Covered farms must comply with specific provisions under the Produce Safety Rule.

A farm under the Produce Safety Rule can be considered a“very small business” or a “small business” or  “all other businesses”.


Very small


(>$25K-$250K Produce sales)

Small businesses

(>$250K-$500K Produce sales)

All other businesses

(>$500K Produce sales)

For most provisions in the PS Rule 1/27/2020 1/28/2019 1/26/2018
For water related regulations outlined in the PS Rule 1/26/2024 1/26/2023 1/26/2022
Sprouts 1/28/2019 1/26/2018 1/26/2017

For the purposes of this part, the definitions below are based on the average annual monetary value of produce sold during the previous 3-year period.

  • A very small business is defined as a farm that sells no more than $250,000.
  • A small business is defined as a farm that sells no more than $500,000.
  • All other businesses are defined as farms whose sales are greater than $500,000.

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