Preventive Controls for Animal Food: The Basics

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The Food Safety Modernization Act was signed into law in January 2011. The final rule was published in September 2015. The new rules establish an increase in FDA oversight as more facilities are subject to inspection, there is an increase in required record keeping, and there are some new rules for animal food producers to comply with (CGMP and Hazard Analysis & Preventive Controls, Foreign Supplier Verification, and Sanitary Transportation).

The compliance dates are based on the type of facility:

Business Size CGMP HA/PC
All Others Sept. 19, 2016 Sept. 18, 2017
Small Businesses
(< 500 FTE)
Sept. 18, 2017 Sept. 17, 2018
Very Small Businesses
(< $2.5 million/year)
Sept. 17, 2018 Sept. 17, 2019

There are six subparts of the rule:

Subpart A: General Provisions
Subpart B:
 Current Good Manufacturing Practice
Subpart C:
 Hazard Analysis & Risk-Based Preventive Controls
Subpart D:
 Withdrawal of a Qualified Facility Exemption
Subpart E:
 Supply-Chain Program
Subpart F: 
Requirements Applying to Records That Must Be Established and Maintained